Scientollywood: The influence of Scientology in the entertainment industry

[Image of fake SCIENTOLLYWOOD sign]

The word Scientollywood was invented by Karl Hermann (then at PRINZ, later at TIP Magazin until December 2005, now at Formblitz AG since March 2006) and Karl Maier (then at PRINZ, now at BZ) in 1993. I learned of the word because of an hilarious cover page of TIP Magazin in 1996.

[film strip picture]Who's in Scientollywood, and who's out? Find it out in the Scientology Celebrity FAQ

Examples of Scientology influence on movie contents:

Newspaper and magazine articles about Scientollywood: Scientollywood entertainment: Other resources about Scientollywood: Sometimes, Scientollywood influence spreads to non-scientologists. In 1996, a group of people who had business contacts with Scientologists Tom Cruise and John Travolta wrote a scurrilous Open Letter to Helmut Kohl, claiming that in the 1930s, it was the Jews, today it is the Scientologists. [Scientollywood advertising]
photo © Melissa Gofton
used with permission

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